Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello Sunshine

It's been awhile. I can definitely announce that I will not be able to maintain this blog the way I was 6 months ago. I can barely remember that my blog still exists, let alone write a post once a week. Apparently once a month is challenging for me at this point.

There are multiple reasons - but mainly I am working so much, I have just enough time to get home and sleep. The spare time I do have I try to spend with the family as much as possible. All social media networks have been sitting on the back burner, but I hope every once in awhile I will remember they're here and provide updates.

So much has been going on in our lives. We have settled into a place of our own for now, and are slowly unpacking our boxes. The kids are on summer vacation - I'm really missing being able to spend time with them. I definitely took being a stay at home mom for granted! I miss it!

My work? I can't really say anything about it, other than I'm there OFTEN. And I bring work home, which I hate. I'm enjoying meeting new people and being back out into the social environment that it provides - but I'm missing my family! Living in a new area on top of returning to work leaves me feeling lonely. Which is not a feeling I used to be bothered by - but for some reason I'm having a difficult time with it now amongst all of the unfamiliar surroundings.

We have a home, but it doesn't feel like home. That makes sense, right?

Because of my job, I will soon be setting my blog as private...for now. There are some things on here I don't think I want to share with my employees. Sometimes it's nice to be able to keep your work life and home life separate. At least for me. And this blog has been all about my home life and my family.

So if you'd like to continue reading my blog, even though you may already be a follower - you will need to comment with your email address and/or I can reply back to you and ask for your email through that message (so it stays private). As you can see, my posts are not very frequent, and I will be trying to keep things updated at least once a month. I hope.

I'm also slacking with photos - so sorry! BUT I'll post some random ones my husband and daughter have been taking the past month (they all download to my photostream so at least I can feel like I was involved in whatever they were doing)  -- it looks like Miss Moe is having a great summer so far!!

My new lovely appliances :) I don't mind doing laundry for now.

M at camp with her cousin M.

Cody's liking his backyard.

This is the only photo I've taken recently. HA. I missed my exit and had to drive a decade to the next one so I could turn around. Definitely won't be making that mistake again!


  1. It looks like y'all are having a great bust summer! I'm to the point where I want to be a stay at home wife. I've been putting my phone down at 5:30 wax night when I get home and barely pick it up because I want to spend time with my family. It is hard. Kudos to you because I know how busy you are and you're in a new place. Give me a call anytime you want to hang out and please add me to list of peeps to read. ; ) Love you girl!

  2. I want to keep following after you go private!
    If you get some free time, us running girls should try to get together maybe for dinner or something.

  3. I want to keep following you too!!! :) It's so hard moving, I know it - but keep your head up, it will feel like "home" in no time :)

  4. you are doing great girl!


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