Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday's are rough

Tuesday's are my long days at work, they always seem to be between 10-12 hours. But today I made a point to leave right at 10, because I still had to get a jog in.

It was a lot shorter than yesterday, but its really all the time I had. I'm cooking tacos for dinner as I type this - fitting it in where I can, just not very well at this point.

30 minutes on the treadmill feels pointless right now - but if I can do 30 minutes five times a week, it will actually make a bit of difference in the long run (I hope)!

*this little post is just how I held myself accountable for today :)


  1. Hey, any way you can hold yourself accountable is fine! No shame in that!

  2. Every little bit counts. That's what I tell myself when I only squeeze in a little 30 min workout on my lunch break. That's burning 200-300 calories that I wouldn't have burned just sitting at my desk :)


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